About me

I'm a Pisces, ascending sign Gemini, and I have been interested in Astrology as long as I can remember. I'm not sure exactly when I discovered this planetary wisdom, sometime in high school.

All I knew was it was a language, I instantly understood, as if the words were speaking to me. The words felt familiar, like I knew them, but had forgotten. You know those moments when you receive information, and think ohhhh, I get this!

I am fascinated with each person's chart, it's a unique puzzle, challenging to interpret and fun to communicate back. Giving each individual a better understanding of their soul's astrological blueprint, and shedding light on their soul's purpose. Who doesn't want that?

My favorite areas of focus are the North/South Node and Chiron aspects. The North Node reveals your development path- what you are here to learn this life time, and the South Node reveals your past and the lessons you have already mastered-your karma. Chiron's aspects are "the wounded healer- the great teacher." Chiron helps us recognize our recurring issue(s) which need our attention and work, helps us understand and heal our deep-seated wounds, and then helps us understand how we may teach others. Astrology charts help to unlock aspects of ourselves, find what is essential and helps us heal holistically. Again, who doesn't want that?

I am passionate about helping people understand the karma they brought to this life time, the growth and lessons this life desires, and to learn how to let go of their past wounds and pain. It is my pleasure to help shed this light and old wisdom.

Peace and Joy, Karla